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Training Programs

How to Be Assertive at Work

Assertiveness is a way of behaving that helps people clearly communicate their needs, wants and feelings without hurting anyone else. People who are assertive communicate using speech, tone and non-verbal means in a consistent way.

A typical situation at work is where you are completing a job to the customer’s specifications and agreed payments and the customer decides to move the goal posts and intimidate you into doing work outside the specifications without any compensation. You have a choice to do it without complaining and fret all day and night or become aggressive towards them and thus lose the customer or be assertive and achieve a win-win outcome.

People who have learnt to be assertiveness report that:

  1. They spend less time fretting and more time enjoying the work they do
  2. They feel more confident, relaxed and happy to be themselves, not comparing themselves with others and therefore feeling “not good enough” or “not up to it”.
  3. Achieve and maintain more successful relationships at work and outside because they know how to disagree without arguing
  4. They have regained control in their life and live it to the fullest!
  5. Are respected for their competence and always considered for promotion
  6. Become good time managers because they are able to say ‘no’ without offending
  7. They get results
  8. Are good at dealing with egotistic people

This course is run over two, 2-hour sessions with role playing exercises and brief notes.

Time Management & Productivity

Even a generally organised person can gain at least one hour per day by doing this program. Time management is not about doing things faster. It is about making the right choice about how you will use your time. 

The objective of this course is to help the participants to identify what needs to be done, in what order and to have the systems to ensure that planning and doing are synchronised for maximum impact.

Those who have done this program report that

  1. They have better work life balance and are able to enjoy their leisure, family and hobbies without feeling any guilt
  2. They are able to save between one and four hours daily
  3. Become better at delegating work
  4. There is less procrastinating, less time wasted in mucking around on large tasks
  5. Look, feel and are appreciated as in control of themselves
  6. Obviously they are considered for promotion as they are seen as people who keep their commitments

There are two versions of this training available – A 2-hour session with notes and examples and a 4-hour session with help in setting lifetime and business goals and in implementing all the principles.

How to Manage Your Business Cash-flow (& Avoid Bankruptcy)

Is cash-flow crippling your business, keeping you awake at night and creating a bad impression on employees and suppliers? Then this is an absolutely necessary investment for you.

Desired Outcomes:

A clear understanding about the following:

  • What is cash-flow?
  • The difference between Cash-flow and Profit
  • How poor cash-flow can bankrupt a profitable business
  • Factors that affect cash-flow
  • How to prepare a cash-flow forecast
  • Essential Management Reports
  • How to setup the business policies, processes and systems and manage for positive cash-flow

Program Delivery:

(Brief notes and an Excel template will be provided)

Help the participants gain a clear understanding of where they are right now; the challenges that they currently face with regard to cash-flow.

Explain the concepts in simple terms

Explain the essential financial reports and how these are prepared

Carryout an exercise of preparing a cash-flow forecast

Explain the Cash-flow Forecasting Template provided by BizPower

Help the participants setup policies & systems to ensure positive cash-flow

Q & A

This program is run over half a day.

Follow-up Program: (This is optional)

Work with the business to create the systems and processes necessary to maintain a healthy cash-flow.


Systemising Your Business

Businesses have a number of processes – from a sales inquiry & follow-up to despatching goods, invoicing & collecting payment. Fast Food chains in particular are able to remain competitive and profitable because every process has been mapped, analysed, simplified, documented and the staff trained to operate them efficiently.

Often in small businesses the steps for each process are known only to those who actually do the tasks. This poses a few serious challenges:

1. When the person who does it is absent, serious and costly mistakes can be made by their replacements

2. Because the persons who usually do it, do it from memory and because “we have always done it this way”, the redundant actions, time wasting steps and unnecessary delays within the process are not picked up and rectified

3. If the person doing the tasks is also the business owner, the business becomes dependant on him/her and is thus not a saleable business

4. Training new staff is made difficult and imperfections in processes are multiplied

5. Processes can be inefficient in the use of staff and thus add unnecessary cost to the business

6. Poor customer satisfaction

This workshop will help Business Owners and Managers identify and prioritise the processes that need systemising and help them understand how to map the process to remove all disconnects and delays and make them efficient processes. They will also learn how to simplify and document these processes and implement a system for continuous improvement.

Systemised businesses are efficient, have high staff morale, provide good customer service, and are profitable and saleable.

This workshop is recommended for business owners, managers, supervisors and quality controllers.

This could be either run as a 2 hour or 4 hour workshop. The 4 hour version will allow time for practicing ‘process flow charting’ and working at actual examples for each participant. Notes & Templates are provided.

How to Improve Staff Performance

Staff perform at their level driven by their own motivations. This does not mean that we cannot motivate them to perform to exceed our expectations. This program will show you how to assess the staff using a simple process and then to work with the staff to move them to become best performers.

Using the Maslow’s motivational model and our coaching techniques we will help your staff become star performers.

This program will also cover ‘How to conduct Performance Reviews’ and how to use these reviews to help the staff step up in their performance.

This program is highly recommended for managers and supervisors at all levels.

This is run as a 4-hour workshop to enable participants to learn the theory as well as to practice using role playing.

Setting & Achieving Goals

This program will help participants to understand the importance of goals, learn the goal setting process and with the help of the supplied templates to set goals the way the brain understands and acts on goals. Participants will also learn basic facts about the brain, about self-limiting beliefs and their impact and how to overcome these with ease.

There are two versions of this program – The 2-hour version will deliver the theory with limited practice and the 4-hour version will help bed the principles in through assisted practice. The 4-hour program will also cover details of how we can discover our Self-limiting beliefs and how we can overcome these.

This program is recommended for staff at all levels who are aspiring to advance in their career by demonstrating their ability to perform at high levels.

How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Best products or service, Best price, best marketing or best choice alone are not enough to win and keep customers. It is outstanding customer service that ensures that we retain customers and grow the business. So how do we do this?

This 2-hour program will answer the following questions:

  • What is customer service?
  • How do we measure this?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What are the two transactions that are involved in all interactions with customers?
  • What things that can go wrong in spite of all the care taken.
  • How to recover from a screw-up and survive
  • Develop your SMARTS

This program is recommended for staff at all levels and in every department of the business. They will learn from this program that every department will need to provide outstanding customer service and how each department can ensure that the business stays a winner.

Team Effectiveness & Productivity

It goes without saying that good teams perform best. There are too many examples from sports that prove this fact. However, businesses can be slow to recognise this. What are the signs of poor teamwork? What can be done to improve team effectiveness in the workplace? These and many more questions are answered through this workshop.

Ideally participants must come from the same teams. They will learn together to become effective teams.

Topics covered will include (but not limited to these):

  • Organisational culture
  • Your business/organisation’s culture
  • Motivational theory
  • Member’s thinking and relating styles
  • Whole brain method of communication
  • How teams develop
  • Teamwork dimensions and Team Norms & Values
  • How to deal with ‘Hidden Agendas’
  • How to handle conflict between members
  • How to use effective meetings to grow the business

Notes and handouts are provided to team members. There is some pre-planning work and homework involved.

This program is delivered over two, 3-hour sessions at a minimum. To be effective we recommend three, 3-hour sessions.

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