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Small Business Festival 2017

Effective Communications

If you are putting up with unreasonable bosses, co-workers, customers, contractors, suppliers and others or if you are prone to avoid conflict and maintain peace at all costs, you must attend this workshop. As a result of implementing the learning you will be taken seriously, respected and seen by bosses as suitable for higher duties (promotion).

    • You will understand the communication process and the effect of external factors other than words on how you are understood
    • You will learn what is assertive behaviour and its benefits
    • Learn the 5 types of Assertive Responses and how to use them
    • You will learn to handle conflict and how to deal with difficult people.
    • You will learn to assertively communicate clearly & directly and build a stronger relationships, improve your reputation, get cooperation from others and be respected.
    • Learn the use of I-statements to communicate in any situation.
    • Learn about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how you can benefit from it.

Time Management

We all have the same amount of time – 168 hours per week. Some achieve much and some are just busy. By learning to manage our time and work efficiently we can complete our tasks, keep our commitments & appointments, be stress free and have work-life balance. You will learn:

  • Why we fail to be good time managers
  • Why To-Do Lists do not work and find a better way to master time management.
  • How to keep your commitments, prioritise, plan your day, overcome procrastination, start on difficult or unpleasant tasks, have work-life balance and work without stress.
  • How to hold meetings that don’t waste time.
  • How to delegate and be certain that the job gets done.
  • Use technology to keep yourself organised, productive & looking professional.

Other time management tips to help every Manager and Staff Member achieve maximum productivity.

This program will help achieve a saving of at least 1 hour (up to 4 hours) per day.

Interviewing & Selection Techniques

Our staff can be our greatest asset or cause the most pain. Having the right people to match the job roles is of paramount importance. How can we make sure that we are recruiting the correct people for these roles? How can we ensure that we do not unintentionally reject good talent because of poor screening techniques?

  • You will learn to how to assess the job roles and develop fitting job specifications
  • Learn how to draft an advertisement to attract the correct applicants
  • Learn interviewing techniques to find out everything about the applicant.
  • Learn how to select the best candidates.
  • Learn how to conduct reference checks on candidates
  • Learn how to use psychometric assessments correctly to further understand the candidate and finally to make the right selection.


Managing Your Staff for Performance
Both staff and their managers tend to avoid performance reviews. They are sometimes seen as a waste of time, an inconvenience or as too confronting. They see no real benefit. This workshop will challenge and equip you. You will :

  • Learn how to assess which of your staff are most worth investing in.
  • Learn about motivational theories and where your staff are
  • Learn the different personality types, their behaviours & how to adapt your communication and review style to suit them
  • Learn how to set KPI’s and to monitor performance easily
  • Learn how to conduct Performance Evaluations that build confidence and trust.
  • Learn simple and effective coaching techniques to help them become star performers.


Basic Finance for Staff and Managers

Managers who are not familiar with accounting terminology and reports will gain great benefits by attending this workshop. They will learn the following:

  • Why and what essential records must be kept
  • Understand ‘Chart of Accounts’
  • Understand P&L
  • Understand the Balance sheet
  • Understand pricing methods and the reasons why
  • Understand ways to increase sales without discounting

The above and more delivered in an easy to understand interactive manner.

Cash-flow Forecasting Made Simple

Is cash-flow crippling your business, keeping you awake at night and creating a bad impression on employees and suppliers? Then this is an absolutely necessary investment for you.

Desired Outcomes: A clear understanding about the following:

  • What is cash-flow?
  • The difference between Cash-flow and Profit
  • How poor cash-flow can bankrupt even a profitable business
  • Factors that affect cash-flow
  • How to prepare a cash-flow forecast
  • Essential Management Reports
  • How to setup the business policies, processes and systems and manage for positive cash-flow


Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

Best products, prices or the best marketing alone will not help us win and keep customers. To stay ahead of your competition good customer service is essential. Surveys indicate that consumers will even pay more for good service. This workshop will help your staff

  • Understand the impact of poor customer service.
  • Understand what customers expect and mean by good customer service.
  • Learn how to recover from a confidence destroying ‘screw-up’ and save your customer relationship.
  • Learn how to set customer service standards (SMARTS) for the business.
  • Learn how to assess what the customers thinks about your service
  • Learn how to implement continuous improvement of your product/service delivery.


Negotiating like a Pro

We have to use negotiating techniques in most of our interactions with people. It might be a salary increase, your KPI’s, car parking spot or a multi-million dollar deal. Rather than threaten, storm off or sulk we can learn to negotiate a win-win outcome every time.

  • Learn the 8 Rules of Negotiating
  • Using a template  learn how to assess the situation and develop a strategy to negotiate a win-win outcome.
  • Learn what things to watch while you are carrying out the negotiations and what things will help with your negotiations.

The techniques learnt during this program will enable you to negotiate anything to achieve a great outcome for you, your family or your business.