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How to Resuscitate a Flagging Business

There are several reasons for a business to stagnate or even go backwards. One of the main reasons is a lack of enthusiasm and motivation. How can you infuse enthusiasm into a business that has been around for several years, has seen a measure of success, and is now flagging? […]

Applying EQ and Empathy in Organisations Does Pay Off

Organisations have many managers and supervisors but only a few leaders. The difference between managing and leading is that a manager is someone who tries to get things done through other people while a leader is someone who gets people doing things on their own, to meet corporate objectives. The […]

Do you know why employees perform poorly? Part III – Unappreciated and Unloved

In the previous two parts we dealt with two reasons why staff perform poorly and what and how we can do something about it. The two reasons we discussed were Loss of Autonomy and Vales Conflict. In this article we will discuss why feeling ‘loved’ is important. We use the word […]



… Are you ready to ride the wave of growth in 2016? Presented by successful and experienced business owners and subject experts, this program will benefit intuitive business owners and managers who are looking for ways to grow their businesses in 2016 and beyond. As a result of this dynamic […]


How to Make Your Business a Money Making Machine

Business owners work hard, sometimes for little gain. The investment they made in time, effort and money in setting up the business could run into tens of thousands of dollars. They deserve a good return on their investment (ROI) and be rewarded for being entrepreneurs.  But, some make it and […]


Why Business Coaching?

Let me start by asking you why you got into business in the first place. Was it to have a job for life? To make more money than what a job would pay? To work and still remain independent?  or is it the result of an accidental sequence of events […]


How to Hire the Right Staff and To Retain Good Staff

How To Hire The Right Staff This article continues the theme on how to make your workplace a productive workplace. Employees are the key to the success of any organisation. If you have good employees, you can delegate without a worry and let the business run even when you are […]


Personal Productivity

This is the second article on the series “How to Increase Productivity and Watch Your Profits Soar”. The first article was titled “How To Increase Productivity” and the next article will be titled “How to Hire The Right Staff and Retain Good Staff”. Personal Productivity Procrastinating, being disorganised, employing poor […]


How to increase Productivity

One big challenge that business owners face is of improving the productivity of the staff and that of the work place. Some staff members seem to be least concerned about the business, clocking off on the dot, taking leave without notice and wasting the company’s resources. The importance of this […]


You can guide your business to success

… When you understand the underlying causes of issues. There are three elements that impact on business success – Strategic Intent, Culture/Behaviour and Business Processes/Systems. These in turn have a total of 19 powerful KPI drivers. Understanding how the business is faring in these areas is the place to start. […]