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Why BizPower

Business Coaching, Consulting, Teamwork, Training

We coach business owners who are spending too much time at work and making little money to clarify & prioritise their focus, train their staff and introduce good business systems so that they can have more productive staff, make more money and work a lot less.


You have come to the right place. BizPower business coaching will simply transform you and your business. Our clients are the proof of this.

BizPower provides Business Coaching Services, Consulting and Management Training & Staff Training to small businesses wanting to grow the business. We help business owners to grow their businesses quickly using proven tools and methods. Through BizPower coaching, businesses in Australia are continuing to be transformed.

BizPower was founded in 2002 in Melbourne to provide business help, business ideas, business guidance and business advise for business owners, executives and managers. We also provide business calculators, training for owners, managers and staff.

Many business owners are overworked, under paid and worried about cashflow and their future. We provide coaching so that business owners can grow and transform their businesses to provide the Return On Investment that they deserve and maintain work-life balance at the same time. We believe that family life, rest, health, leasure, hobbies, spiritual development and relationships are as important as financial security and we will help you achieve these.

Our Business Coaching will help you develop as a leader. Executives are constantly looking for ways to improve teamwork and cash flow within the business. BizPower offers leaders free cash flow templates to help them with the preparation of cash flow budgets and with their cash flow management. Team teamwork training is also provided to enhance their effectiveness. We are ‘action coaches’ who are not afraid to challenge executives towards excellence.

Do you know where your business is right now? Our ‘Dashboard’ will provide this information so that you can sleep well at night.

Do you know the potential of your business for growth? Our Business Analysis will show you  in dollar terms how much you can grow within 12 months and also provide you with a minimum of ten strategies with action steps to achieve this.

Do you know what your staff need to stay motivated and productive? Our staff assessment tools and training will make them super performers.

Are you having cashflow issues? Our cashflow training and free templates will help with forecasting and ways for you to stay cashflow positive.

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Products and Services

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Advise for start-up & existing businesses
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Plans
  • Business Systems
  • Staff Opinion Surveys
  • Staff recruitment



“Since employing Rabi as my Business Coach, my business continues to grow and I now have more confidence in running the business and achieving my goals. I discuss most business issues with Rabi and get valuable advice from his vast experience. As a result of Rabi’s coaching, the business can now run without me, thus helping me to focus on managing (and growing) the business and ensuring that my staff are never out of work.” Joe Brogno, BM Tech Automotive

Our office team was struggling to work cohesively and efficiently so I had Rabi do a series of sessions with us on Team Building. Rabi’s structure and manner was instrumental in achieving the set goals. It turned out to be enjoyable, informative and immediately applicable. As a result, the dynamics within our team has improved considerably. We communicate well without offending or becoming defensive and we work better as a team. I would highly recommend this program for all businesses that employ staff” – Maria, Structural Challenge

“Since we have engaged Rabi as a coach we have expanded his involvement in both coaching and training. We are enjoying ongoing improvements in staff moral and performance. Rabi keeps us focused on the important and essential things, on continuous improvement and on maintaining leadership. Coaching has helped us transform our business”Trevor Owen, Alerton Australia

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