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Workshops and Training

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Training Programs

Planning and Implementing Business Growth



  … A 12-Week Interactive Training and Coaching Program to Plan & Grow Your Business in 12 Weeks  

This program will help SME’s assess the undiscovered potential in the business to increase revenue and profit and to come up with measurable and achievable goals and action plans to achieve this potential. Business owners and managers will be equipped through this program with the relevant information, knowledge and support  to continue the program of growth.

Potential ‘Show Stoppers’ to growth: Not knowing how the business can grow, internal barriers and obstacles, self-limiting beliefs, lacking certain skills, not enough knowledge, lacking support, etc.

This program will help identify and overcome these barriers.

If you’ve been working to grow your business for a while now and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, then this 12-week program will help you create a MAJOR business BREAKTHROUGH.

This program will consist of six classroom training modules with each module taking 2 to 3 hours and six individual coaching sessions to address matters specific to the individual and the business so that the learning can be implemented and a plan drawn up to keep growing the business.

Each business is allowed to have up to two individuals participate in this program for the price of one.

On completing the program, the business will have a set of clear goals, action plans and would have progressed towards achievement of these goals. Each participant will have a set of personal goals and action steps and would have developed confidence and knowledge to continue the growth.

A workbook, notes & templates and action reports will be supplied for each participant.

Assertiveness At Work - Get Promoted, Achieve More, Get Things Done


You or your staff are always giving into demanding customers, contractors, suppliers and others. In order to avoid conflict and maintain peace at all costs you may be compromising. You are not taken seriously nor respected.

In this course you will learn to handle conflict, deal with difficult people, communicate clearly & directly and build a stronger reputation (gain respect, be seen as promotable, get cooperation). Learn how to effectively use I-statements.

Learn about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how you can benefit from it.

Duration: 180 minutes Group Size: 8 to 20

Business Health Check


Taking this Business Health Check will help you find out the health of your business and how much you can grow your business (in Revenue & Profit) over the next 12 months.

We will ask you a number of questions and for your latest financial information on your business. We will then work with you to assess the full potential of your business and on the strategies to grow the business.

You will be provided a written report and a prioritised list of strategies to implement immediately to recover and to grow your business.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Effective Communications



If you are putting up with unreasonable customers, bosses, co-workers, contractors, suppliers and others or if you are prone to avoid conflict and maintain peace at all costs, you must attend this workshop. 

As a result of implementing the learning you will be taken seriously, respected and seen by bosses as suitable for higher duties (promotion).

You will learn techniques for communicating effectively, learn what is assertive behaviour and its benefits }Understand how we miscommunicate without using words.

Learn the 6 Types of Assertive Responses .You will learn to handle conflict and how to deal with difficult people. .You will learn to assertively communicate clearly & directly and build a stronger reputation, get cooperation from others and be respected. Learn the use of I-statements to communicate in any situation. }Learn about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how you can benefit from it.

Dates: TBA

Time: TBA (Duration 180 minutes)

Venue: Your office

This is for a group of 6 people and the rate is per participant to be held at your location in Melbourne. If you are based outside Melbourne or are based interstate, you will be charged the applicable travel and accommodation costs. 

How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service



As a result of attending this workshop, participants will know how to set customer service standards for their area of the business, to measure customer satisfaction levels, to consistently deliver outstanding customer service, how to recover gracefully from a terrible screw-up and to be able to deal with demanding and difficult customers.

Duration: 120 minutes

How To Improve Business Cash-flow



Is cash-flow crippling your business, keeping you awake at night and creating a bad impression on employees and suppliers? Then this is an absolutely necessary investment for you.

Duration: Half-Day (The number of participants for this course is 8 to 20)

Desired Outcomes: A clear understanding about the following:

  • What is cash-flow?
  • The difference between Cash-flow and Profit
  • How poor cash-flow can bankrupt even a profitable business
  • Factors that affect cash-flow
  • How to prepare a cash-flow forecast
  • Essential Management Reports
  • How to setup the business policies, processes and systems and manage for positive cash-flow

Training Programs

How To Interview and Select The Right Staff



Our staff members are one of our greatest assets. Having the correct people to match the job role is of paramount importance. How can we make sure that we are recruiting the correct people for these roles? How can we ensure that we do not unintentionally reject good talent because of poor screening techniques?

In this course you will learn to how to assess the job role and develop a good job specifications, how to draft an advertisement to attract the correct applicants, how to interview and select the better candidates whilst weeding out the 'tyre kickers', how to use psychometric assessments correctly to further understand the candidate and finally to make the right selection.

Duration: 120 minutes Group Size: 8 to 20

Performance Management - How To Coach Your Staff Into Top Performers



Learn how to determine which of your staff are worth investing in, about motivational theories, how to set KPI's, how to conduct Performance Evaluations that build confidence and trust, how to develop a performance improvement plan, and how to coach them to become star performers.

Learn simple and effective coaching techniques.

Duration: 240 minutes Group Size: 4 to 16

Please call or email for more information 

Set Your Goals for 2019 & Achieve Them ALL



When we do not have goals, we are driven only by the predominant thought in our head at that time. Thus Goals are essential for success in any endeavour.

In this workshop you will learn the importance of goals, the correct way to set goals, facts about the brain, how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and how to achieve your personal and business goals every time.

Duration: 180 minutes Group Size: 6 to 10

Team Effectiveness & Productivity



Your team will learn the difference between a group and a team and how each team member can find the highest level of fulfilment at work. This training includes the following:

•Understanding Organisational Culture •Teams - What they are and how they develop •Determining Your Team Norms & Values •Learn about Whole Brain Communications •Learn about Personality Types and Behaviour •Learn about Listening and Sensory Preferences •Learn how to 'Get Your Message Heard' •Learn about Hidden Agendas and How To Handle These •Learn 'How to Turn Conflict into Corporation' •Learn 'How to Influence values' •Learn 'How to Mediate Conflict'•Learn how High Performance Teams Function and how you can turn your team into one.


Time Management & Productivity



We all have only 168 hours in a week. Some use this well to achieve great things. Some are on a treadmill, always busy but not getting far. 

This training will help you save anything from 1 to 4 hours everyday to help you work on your business to have more sales, profits and cash.

You will learn how to overcome procrastination, how to start on difficult tasks, how to be organised, how to have a system that will keep you focused, how to prioritise tasks, how to deal with interruptions, how to hold effective meetings, how to delegate effectively, etc.

This is ideal for your managers and key staff members to attend as a team. 

Workbooks, notes and other materials are supplied. 

A maximum of 8 people may attend this training. Extra charges may apply if you wish to have more staff attend.

Business Coaching Face To Face (Melbourne Only) - 60 minutes



Whether you are starting a business or already in a business, our Business Coaching will help you increase sales, profits and cash. 

Business coaching will help you achieve your goals, help you improve personal productivity and provide a knowledge resource, a bouncing board and someone who will hold you accountable to become a success.

We will help you clarify and sharpen your business goals and come up with an action plan to achieve each and every goal. If necessary we will also include a skills gap analysis with a plan to fix any gap in skills through our self-help materials and training.

Our clients are the proof of the value of our coaching.

The price includes one 60-minute coaching session in your office in Melbourne, notes and any templates that may be required.